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Next Sabbat: Ostara
(Lady Day)
Ostara (pronounced Oh-star-ah) marks the official start of spring. Lady Day, as it is also called, usually falls sometime between March 20 and 23. It marks the astrological start of the sign Aries. It is celebrated on the day when night and day are of equal length (the Spring Equinox). In the Pagan world, as well as most of the Christian world, it is a day for general lightheartedness and joy.

The Wheel of the Year: Ostara
* The Standing Stones Ostara Ritual
* A Solitary Ostara Ritual
* Make Your Own Ostara Incense
* Ostara Recipes
* Folklore of Ostara
* Decorating Eostre's Eggs
* Bring Spring's Blessings to Your Home

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The Desert Wind Coven came together in 1996, as a Wiccan study group and a online Wiccan chat group. It was formed by Earl LeMaster (Gray Seal), a High Priest of Wicca, from the Magic Valley, Southern Idaho.

After a short time, a core group of individuals, from the study group, formed and incorporated the Desert Wind Coven, Inc., a non-profit corporation (Idaho) and a working magick circle...

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