What Wicca is NOT!

Some misconceptions about Wicca.

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Wiccans are not Satanists. They do not believe in Satan or worship any kind of evil beings.

The idea that witches worship Satan is one of the most common misconceptions about witches. This mistaken idea probably developed hundreds of years ago because some Christian leaders encouraged their followers to view non-Christians as anti-Christian. If you weren’t a believer in Christ, the embodiment of the good, you must be a believer in his evil opposite—Satan or the Devil. The all-evil Satan is a Christian concept that plays no part in the Wiccan religion.

Wiccans do not sacrifice or harm animals or people. That would be completely counter to the Wiccan Rede, "Harm None" and all that Wiccans believe.

Wiccans do not proselytize or otherwise force their beliefs on anyone, nor do they attempt to force others to convert or become Wiccan.

Witches do not believe that negativity or evil is an organized force. Most of the time, negative beings act simply out of self-interest to effect their own personal gain, and, therefore, they’re more like independent contractors. Neither do Wiccans believe there is a place (hell) where the damned or the evil languish and suffer. And, as we said earlier, witches do not try to gain power through the suffering or misfortune of others.

Wicca has few written rules, but one of the oldest un-written rules stringently followed by experienced Wiccans, but sometimes overlooked by those new to Wicca is that we never invite (let alone coerce) someone to become Wiccan or join a coven. The traditional procedure is that a person must ask for teaching, or must ask at least three times before they are even considered for becoming a student. Few if any experienced teachers of Wicca accept payment for teaching. Therefore it is important that their time is reserved only for those sincerely interested in learning. 

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