Astrological Correspondence

Tables of Magical Correspondence - Astrological.

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Astrological SignElementYin/Yang EnergyPolarityPlanetPart of BodyDay of the WeekNumbersGemstoneColorTreesMetalAnimal
AriesFireyangpositiveMarsthe headTuesday1 & 9diamondredall thorn-bearing treesironsheep, and
TaurusEarthyinnegativeVenusNeck and throatFriday4 & 6emeraldlight blue and mauvecypress
and apple
coppercattle (especially bulls)
GeminiAiryangpositiveMercurythe hands, arms, shoulders and lungsWednesday5 & 9agateyellowall nut-bearing treesmercurybutterflies; and brightly colored
CancerWateryinnegativeMoonthe breasts and stomachMonday3 & 7pearlsea green and silverTrees rich in sapsilvercrabs, and animals with shell coverings
LeoFireyangpositiveSunthe back, spine, and heartSunday8 & 9rubygold and orangeAll citrus treesgoldall felines (particularly lions
VirgoEarthyinnegativeMercurythe nervous system and the intestinesWednesday3 & 5sapphireGray and navy blueAll nut-bearing treesquicksilversmall household pets
LibraAiryangpositiveVenusthe lower back, buttocks, and kidneysFriday6 & 9opalBlue and lavenderalmond, ash, and cypress treescopperSnakes and lizards
ScorpioWateryinnegativeMarsthe sexual organsTuesday2 & 4topazall dark shades of redblackthorn treesplutoniumscorpions, and insects
SagittariusFireyangpositiveJupiterthe liver, hips, and thighsThursday5 & 7turquoisepurpleBirch, mulberry, and oak treestinhorses, centaurs, and unicorns
CapricornEarthyinnegativeSaturnthe bones; knees, teeth, and skinSaturday2 & 8garnetBrown and dark greenelm, pine, and poplar treesleadgoats, and all animals with cloven hoofs
AquariusAiryangpositiveUranusthe blood, calves, shins, and anklesWednesday1 & 7amethystblueall fruit treesuraniumBirds
PiecesWateryinnegativeNeptunethe feet and lymph glandsFriday2 & 6aquamarinePale greenFig and willow treesplatinumfish

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The Complete Magician's Tables by Stephen Skinner. 

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