Bring Spring's Blessings to Your Home

Stand in front of the open window and admire your handiwork.

     Copyright © 2002 Edain McCoy

Early in the morning on a sunny spring day, take several pastel ribbons, a pen, and something to use to make the ribbons adhere to the area around an open window. Be careful to choose an adhesive that will not discolor or deface your window frames or walls.

Take these items to a window of your choice and open the window. Stand there and allow the spring breeze to envelop you. Hold out your arms to embrace it. Offer a greeting, such as:

   Welcome, Spring!
   Welcome are your balmy breezes.
   Welcome, deities and nature spirits of spring.
   I welcome spring's blessings of new life,
   growth, love, partnership, and
   the promise of bounty to come.

Bring Spring blessings to your home.

Get comfortable in front of the window and think about which specific blessings associated with the coming of spring you want to receive. Write these on the ribbons with the pen. You may write the same desire on more than one ribbon if you want. This not only intensifies the effect of the spell, but adds to the aesthetic beauty of it.

When you have written on all your ribbons, attach them by one end around the inside of the window frame so they catch the breeze. It is best to attach them by the left side; "left" in this case meaning how the ribbon is oriented when viewed on the side where the writing is located. This allows the incoming breeze to follow the flow of the writing rather than blow against it. If you were doing a spell to remove something from your home, or to prevent something from entering, attaching the ribbons from the right would be best.

Stand in front of the open window and admire your handiwork. Finish the spell with a simple offering of thanks to the spring wind:

   Warm spring wind who blows my way,
   bringing blessings on this sun-filled day;
   to all the spirits who in spring winds dwell,
   thank you for this successful spell.

Allow the window to remain open for as long as you can while the breeze captures your wishes on the ribbons and blows them into your home.

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