Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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This form of magic should also be familiar. A need is visualized. While visualizing, the Wiccan raises energy from within her or his body and, through the visualization, imprints this need onto the energy. The power is then released.

Unfortunately, Solitary Wiccans have few energy-raising methods available to them. The first: you're sitting before the altar. You begin to slowly chant a statement of purpose, such as 'heal her' or 'protect me'. You slowly increase the speed of the chant, never wavering in your visualization. You begin tightening the muscles all over your body (this raises physical energy, even when you're still). The power builds within you and threatens to spill over. You release it.

Another method is far more physical. You begin a slow clockwise dance (or walk) around the altar while visualizing and/or chanting the need. The dance increases in speed. When you release the power, you may fall dramatically to the floor.

Yet a third method utilizes breathing techniques which tighten the muscles and raise energy.

And that, fellow Solitaries, is just about it. There are a few other methods, but they require the presence of several other persons and are, thus, limited to covens.

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Raising Energy in The Circle

Solitary Wiccans have few energy-raising methods available to them

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