Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Witch’s Bottles

Anything will do for these bottles, but make sure the mouth is wide

Home Protection

Once the home has been blessed, one of the first bits of spellcraft a couple will probably want to do is to protect the home from negative energy. Wards, plaques, and other symbols of protection are as old as recorded history and can be incorporated into not only protection for the home but protection for the relationship inside the home.

These wards are typically out in the open, so it is a good idea to make them both attractive and unthreatening. After all, if you were to lob off an enemy’s head and place it on a pole in your front yard as the Celts once did, you’d probably have a hard time getting someone to deliver your mail, much

less install cable television. So find a time when both of you can go shopping for craft supplies and set aside an afternoon to chat over the kitchen table as you prepare to ward off all the things that might go bump in the night.

Witches Bottles for Home Protection

If you should happen to break a mirror you had intended to use as a ward, don’t worry about the bad luck. Chances are that’s a leftover bit of lore from when mirrors cost a great deal. Just go on with your plans to use the mirror as a ward, but instead, set the broken bits aside to use in the making of a Witches Bottle. Almost anything will do for this bottle, but make sure the mouth is wide (large mason jars work well). If you should happen to break plates, bowls, or glasses, they will work too.

Additionally, if you have prickly or thorny brush that you want to remove from your property, save a few of the branches or thorns for the Witches Bottle. Make it a game to find sharp things in your home and yard that have no purpose beyond harming the foot or a tire. Rusty nails are ideal. Place what you can find in your bottle.

If along the way you should happen to cut yourself by accident, allow the blood to drip into the bottle, but never intentionally harm yourself.

Traditionally menstrual blood and urine have been used in the bottle. Their inclusion should be by choice only; it is not mandatory.

Fill the rest of the bottle with rain water. Collect it by standing in a downpour, each holding the bottle. Finally, secure the top and put in a safe place where the bottle will not be touched. You might want to bury one on either side of your driveway, or perhaps in the four Quarters of your property line. Be aware that this mixture will build up enough pressure to eventually burst the glass. The more sunlight it receives, the sooner it will Burst.


This informative Wicca How-To, plus much more, can be found in:

Wicca for Couples: Making Magick Together

by A.J. Drew

In a world where Wicca is something one does as a solitary or with his or her coven, this book demonstrates how Wicca is something one experiences with kith and kin. It focuses on a modern context for pre-Christian fertility religions and examines such issues as Archetype vs. Stereotype, Real Ritual vs. Real Life, Clergy vs. Guru, and as its title implies Couple vs. Coven. In so doing, this book gives us the foundation for rethinking the focus of our involvement with this religion in the context of our own deeply felt needs and desires. The book focuses on a Wicca where the structure is founded on the natural bonding of a couple. It includes rituals for Hand Fasting, Wiccaning, and Hand Parting with a discussion of how these sacred rituals have been almost trivialized in Wiccan culture and what steps we can take to return their sanctity.

Copyright © 2002 A.J. Drew