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What The Tarot IS NOT!

From 10 Tips to get the best from your Tarot Reading

The tarot cannot and should not ever be a substitute for visiting a doctor regarding any health issue.

When someone is worried about the health of themselves or a loved one it’s not uncommon to seek answers or solutions from many areas. The tarot is fundamentally a guide for you to reflect upon your thoughts and desires and assist you to focus on what you want from your future. Asking direct questions about health, either about yourself or others would not be helpful.

Stress underlies all disease and any additional stress should be avoided. Seeking a reading in the hope of finding relief from a medical issue may provide some comfort, but it will depend very much on the reader. If you already know your tarot reader then you will probably have built up some trust over time. If you can ask questions geared around possible choices which could help relieve stress then this would be the most constructive use of the reading. But any element of fear or desperation around a health issue can cloud a reading. It would be wiser to take a meditation class and practice relaxation techniques. In this way you can learn to make a connection to your higher self and access the self-healing and inner wisdom that is available to everyone.

This may also help you if it’s someone close to you with a health issue. If you can learn to remain calm and relaxed and positive then this will help the one you care about. The more a person worries about something, the energy around the problem increases. What you give attention to increases. This is the Law of Attraction at work, which does not distinguish between positive or negative thoughts or emotion. It’s a non-judgemental, inert law.

The best support you can give someone who is unwell is to help distract them from anything negative. By encouraging them focus on things that make them feel happy you will have done them a good service.

Card Images from the Pierpont-Morgan Bergamo Visconti-Sforza Deck.

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