Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Not everybody finds the crystal ball to be the best divinatory tool for them, so do not worry if occasionally what you ‘see’ seems to be fantastical or negative. You should practice often in order to feel secure in your use of your crystal. If your readings seem to be consistently negatively focused, then perhaps the best advice would be to choose another form of divination. Do remember that you will, with patience, develop your own way of working.



● Clear the crystal ball by holding in the lit incense or smudge stick smoke. (Another way of clearing is to hold the crystal ball in running water for a short while.)

● Darken the room around you and light the candle. Put the crystal ball safely on the dark cloth to minimize reflections.

● Place the lit candle so that there is enough illumination for you to see into your ball clearly (often slightly to the left of the crystal ball). Experiment with the best position for you – you may find, for instance, that the candle is best behind you.

● Ensure that you are sitting comfortably. Clear your mind of everyday thoughts and make sure you have made a good connection with both spiritual and earth energies. (You can do this by mentally reaching upwards to spiritual energy and downwards to the center of the earth, uniting the two.)

● Hold the crystal ball in both hands. While rotating it gently, think of the purpose you have in mind. Using your own form of words, if you wish to, call upon your favorite deities or guide for help in achieving your aim.

● Focus initially on a spot slightly in front of or behind your crystal ball. Gradually you will find your eyes drawn to a particular spot within the ball itself. Concentrate on that spot and allow your mind to relax so that it can take in new impressions. You may experience yourself as ‘entering’ the crystal or becoming aware of a different dimension.

Because you are concentrating, your body will probably become somewhat tense. If this should happen, simply breathe out for longer than you are breathing in and allow yourself to relax. As you do this, you will find that your awareness and sense of self changes. You may find yourself becoming apparently larger or smaller. This is not unusual and allows you to transcend the dimensional barriers we all experience in everyday life.

● If you find your eyes closing, allow them to do so. If you find yourself mov

ing involuntarily or becoming aware of certain energies, do not become concerned as this also is perfectly natural in changing awareness. This state is known as automatism.

● Either out loud or silently, state the question to which you require an answer. If you have no specific question, then just ask for guidance.

● You will now find that impressions come and go and that you can, with some clarity, be aware of the answers you seek. Let these impressions flow until such times as you instinctively ‘know’ that there is no more information.

● Now begin to become aware once more of your experience of the crystal. You may find yourself floating inside it, aware of its boundaries. This experience is totally individual and cannot be quantified.

● Gradually become aware of the feeling of the crystal in your hands and the sense of your own body as it returns to normal. Finally, become aware of the room you are in. Adjust your breathing and open your eyes.

● Sit quietly for a few moments assimilating the experience. Make sure you have fully returned to everyday consciousness. If you called on the deities, thank them for the experience, then either cover your crystal ball with the velvet cloth or put it back where it is kept.

It takes time and concentration to use the crystal ball successfully. Learning to concentrate properly is a talent that has many other applications, so it is well worth the effort and time.

Your first attempt should last no longer than ten minutes, gradually increasing the time of each session, at first to fifteen minutes, then twenty and so on, but no session should ever last longer than one hour. Time each session with a watch or clock positioned so that you can see its face, but will not be distracted by its ticking.

The presence of another person can be distracting at first. With experience comes the ability to answer the questions of others, as their energies become part of the ambience.

Gazers often find that small, glittering points of light appear in the mist before it clears, and what has been described as an ocean of blue space forms, within which visions appear. These visions are sometimes symbolic, the meaning of the symbols often being similar to those seen in tea-leaf reading or other symbology known to the reader, or for some they may be more scenic in nature. Visions that appear in the background lie further ahead than those that are to the front, which denote the present of the immediate future.

When images come, no effort should be made to keep them there: they should be allowed to come and go, ebbing and flowing like the tide, with no attempt being made to control them.


This informative “Wicca How-To,” plus much more, can be found in:

Ultimate Book of Spells by Pamela Ball

The desire to change and improve that which we have has been around for many thousands of years, if not since man first walked the earth. Magic and spell working have always been a part of that, and indeed still are today.

Anyone who practices any form of magic, including spell working, needs to be grounded. This means having both feet firmly planted in reality and also having a basic knowledge of what magic is and is not, what spells can and can’t do and what – with practice – you can do with the tools, information and knowledge you have. This book sets out to give you that information in as succinct a manner as possible.

Using a Crystal Ball

Not everybody finds the crystal ball to be the best divinatory tool for them

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