Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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What Are Magickal Tools?

Magickal tools are any objects used during ritual or while doing magick. They are used only for magick and ritual and for no other purpose. Magickal tools can be fancy items—objects that are inscribed with magickal symbols or have stones or crystals set in them to pull in and enhance magickal energy—but they don’t have to be ornate. In ritual, each tool has symbolic significance. For instance, the athame, a ritual knife, symbolizes the male, and the chalice symbolizes the female. Any object that has been charged with energy to do magickal work becomes a magickal tool. Because tools are charged to help you make the magick happen, they are not to be

used for any other purpose.

How Do You Use Magickal Tools?

Just as the case with mundane tools, each magickal tool has its own use. The way in which you utilize a given tool depends on the tool and on what kind of magick you want to do. Magickal tools aid you in doing magick in a variety of ways. They help you to focus your attention and energy. And, because the subconscious works with images and symbols, they tell your subconscious mind it’s time to get to work, too.

When using tools such as herbs, powders, poppets (see “A Poppet for Love”), oils, candles, and cords, you focus your energy and put it into the tool. You can then use the tool to hold the energy, or you can use the tool to send the energy out. For example, if you made a poppet for a child who is ill, you’d put all kinds of healing energy into it. Then you’d give the poppet full of healing energy to the child to hold and look at, but not to play with. The poppet holds your healing energy and helps the child to get better. If you put your energy for trying to find a new job into a candle, when you light the candle your energy is sent out to the universe to work for you.

There are also ritual tools—such as the athame and the chalice—which are used in celebrating the Wiccan religion. Ritual tools are used during ritual to cast a circle, to represent the Lord and Lady, to welcome deity, to cleanse, to make sacred space, and to cut energy. Ritual tools are not used in the act of magick. They adorn altars, and are used in celebrating Sabbats and Esbats. Because they represent the Lord and the Lady, ritual tools take on

great symbolic significance during ritual.

Storing Your Magickal Tools

The place where you keep your magickal tools is important. You can store them in a closet, a wardrobe, a desk with big drawers, or a cardboard box. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on something fancy. But you do need to keep your tools in a safe space—a place where other people won’t handle them or discover them by accident. You want to be absolutely sure that small children and animals won’t get into your stuff. Some of the herbs you acquire may be toxic. This is also true of magickal oils. Some dogs (and children!) have even been known to eat candles! And you wouldn’t want your Aunt Martha to accidentally stumble upon your supplies and have a heart attack at the sight of your figure candles.

Besides protecting people from your tools, you need to protect the tools from other people. Once you have cleansed and put away the objects you use in magick and ritual, only you and people who have your permission should touch them. You don’t want just anyone handling your tools. The tools will absorb energy from whoever touches them. And you want to know what kind of energy your tools have. You also want to make sure that your magickal tools are not used for mundane purposes.

Before you put your tools away, make sure they have been cleaned. Cleaning will get rid of any dust, dirt, or fingerprints. Before using them again, make sure they have been cleansed. Cleansing will clear the energy from your tools. There are lots of ways to cleanse. You can use a smudge stick, set your tools out under a full Moon, or anoint them with holy water that has been blessed in the name of the Goddess.  Consecrate them, and let the Lord and Lady know that you will use them only for the good. Don’t let anyone else touch them after they have been cleansed. If anyone else does touch your tools, you’ll need to recleanse them to clean that person’s energy from them.

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Magickal Tools - An Introduction

A Short Introduction to Magickal Tools

Copyright © 2006 Denise Zimmermann & Katherine A. Gleason