Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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The Saxon Wands are very good for obtaining a direct, prompt answer to a question. In a way they are similar to the Oriental I-Ching, though far less complicated.

Seven wands are needed. These are made from wood dowel. There should be three, each nine-inches in length; and four, each twelve-inches in length. One of the twelve-inch wands should be marked, or decorated in some way, as the “Witan”wand. Actually, you can decorate all of the wands with runes and symbols, if you wish, but make sure the Witan wand stands out from the others.

Kneeling, lay the Witan wand on the ground before you; horizontally "across" you. Take the other six wands and hold them out over the Witan wand. Close your eyes, and holding them between your two hands, mix them together while concentrating on your question. Keeping the eyes closed, grip the wands in your right hand (left hand if left-handed); take hold of the tip of one wand with the fingers of the other hand; concentrate for a moment longer on your question, then open your right hand. All the wands will fall to the ground except the one held now by the fingers of your left hand. Open your eyes.

1: If there should be more LONG wands than short wands on the ground, then the answer to your question is in the affirmative.

2: If there are more SHORT wands than long wands on the ground (excluding the Witan wand) then the answer is in the negative.

3: If any wand(s) touch the Witan wand, it means the answer will be a very definite one, with strong forces at work.

4: If any wand(s) are off the ground (resting on others), circumstances are such (forces still working) that no definite answer can yet be given— regardless of (1) or (2).

5: If all the wands point towards the Witan wand, then you (or the person for whom you are asking) will have a definite role to play in the determination of the question.

6: If none of the wands point towards the Witan wand, then the matter will be determined without your (the Querant's) interference.

As with the crystal and the tarot cards, don't let anyone else use your wands. They are your personal instruments.

Keep them wrapped in a black cloth.


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Using The Saxon Wands for Divination

The Saxon Wands are good for obtaining a prompt answer to a question

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