Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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To create a spirit garden to attract wandering spirits, take some dirt from a graveyard when the moon is full and mix it into the soil of your garden area. After doing this, plant any of the following herbs associated with the summoning of spirits: dandelion, pipsissewa, sweet grass, thistle, tobacco, wormwood.

To create a garden devoted to a particular spirit, plant all the flowers and plants that the deceased person was fond of in life, and, if at all possible, place something in the garden that once belonged to him or her. If the person was cremated and you are in possession of the ashes, open the urn and sprinkle a bit of the remains over the garden. Mix it into the soil with a gardening implement or your fingers if you desire. If the person was given a burial, try to obtain a small amount of dirt from the grave and then mix it into the soil of the spirit garden.

Plant the garden on the anniversary of the person’s birth or death, or some other day of the year bearing a special meaning to that person (such as a wedding anniversary). It is important that you create it with loving energies and not those of sadness and mourning. As you plant the garden and each time you water it, turn all your thoughts to the person to whom the garden is dedicated. When you feel his or her presence growing stronger around you, you will know that you’ve connected with their spirit. Should their ghost be observed in or near the garden, let not your heart be struck with fear. Offer up loving emotions and comforting words. Ghosts are almost always in need of love and comfort. (From the book, Herbal Magick, New Page Books, 2002.)


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Making A Spirit Garden

Create a garden to attract wandering spirits or devoted to a particular spirit

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