Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Spell Crafts 101

This "Wicca How To" section is a guide to the creation and use of magickal objects

There are many types of magickal tools...

This "Wicca How To" section is a guide to the creation and use of magickal objects. Articles of craft merged with magick; of works of the mind and hand as well as of power. Within these pages lie instructions for creating a wide variety of unusual magickal objects for an array of purposes—together with their ritual uses.

Magickians have always known that tools crafted with their own hands are more powerful than those made by others. During the creation process, specific energy can be placed within the object to enhance its effectiveness. This is the essence of spell craft: creating and empowering objects during their construction (or directly afterward) for a specific magickal purpose.

Magick is no great mystery save to those who have never investigated or practiced it. It’s the natural process of moving energy from within ourselves (or within natural objects) to create positive change. In spell craft, some of these changes are physical (clay is shaped; yarn is wrapped; herbs are mixed). Other changes are internal (personal power is directed toward a goal) and external (the magick’s goal is manifested in the magickian’s life).

Spell craft may seem to be a new idea, but it’s as old as the day when a human first shaped a natural object to fulfill a spiritual need. The timeless magick that we’ve presented here still speaks to our kind. It calls to the innate human urge to create. Spell craft nurtures our need to shape natural materials as well as our lives into new and pleasing forms. It also links us with our ancestors, who lived in a far smaller, less complex world of forms and energies. In taking up these spell crafts today, we can use the techniques of earlier times to bring order and happiness into our lives.

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