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Items needed for Solitary May Ritual:

A small crown of flowers

A small candle

A fresh flower

A Goddess statue

Ritual sword

1. Create a sacred space/cast a circle as previously prescribed.

2. Recite from the altar:

At this joyous time I welcome the return of the Goddess, the Queen ofMay. With her coming, flowers bloom and life is renewed upon the earth.

3. Turn to the South quarter, and recite:

Season unto season, year unto year, all cycles pass one into the other. The Goddesses has returned to Her Hidden Children of Time. The Queen of May ever bestows love and peace, fullness and the promise of renewal.

Place the crown of flowers in front of the Goddess statue.

4. Hold the sword up in front of the Goddess statue and say:

My lady, all power is given to You, for this is so ordained. And with love there is submission to Your ways, and reign is given over into Your hands.

5. Recite the Charge of Aradia:

Whenever there is need of anything, once in the month when the moon is full, then shall due worship be given to She who is Queen of all.

Here inside a circle, secrets that are as yet unknown shall be revealed. And the mind must be free and also the spirit. For this is the essence ofspirit, and the knowledge of joy.

Truth to one's beliefs is the keeper of the Ways, holding true despite all obstacles. For the Ways are the key to the mysteries and to the cycle of rebirth, which opens the way to the Womb of Enlightenment.

In life does the Queen reveal the knowledge of spirit. And from death does the Queen deliver one to peace.

It is right to give offerings to She whq is our mother. For She is the beauty of the Green Wood, and the light of the moon among the stars, and the mystery which gives life, and draws one to Her name.

Her worship is within the heart, and all acts of love and pleasure are rituals to the Goddess. But to seek her, desire is not enough until the secret is realized. Because if what one seeks is not found within, one will never find it from without. For she has been within the path you first entered, and she is that which awaits at the journey's end.

6. Turn to the East quarter and recite:

Hail and adoration to the Lady of May. You who are the Great Moon Goddess, Queen ofHeaven, Lady of the Earth, I welcome You, and rejoice in Your presence. Place a fresh flower at the East quarter and say: Blessed be all in the name of the Goddess.

7. Then take a chalice of wine, whisper the name (or title) of the Goddess upon the surface of the wine, and then drink. By this act She passes into your inner self.

8. Ritual celebration continues with a small celebratory meal of cakes and wine.

After completing any ritual you will need to dissolve/banish the circle.

BANISHING A CAST CIRCLE (The circle must be dissolved when the ritual is completed):

1. Beginning at the North quarter, ring the bell three times, salute, and recite:

Hear me Old Ones,

I honor You for Your attendance

and bid You now depart to your secret Realms.

With love I say now; Peace and farewell!

2. Repeat the above action at each of the quarters (moving West, South, East, and North again).

3. Beginning at the North, point your ritual blade down toward the circle and walk counterclockwise, mentally drawing the blue light back up from the circle perimeter, into the blade. After returning to the North quarter, go before the altar and point the tip of the ritual blade at the center of the altar. Visualize the power flowing back into the center candle. Recite the following invocation as you watch the candle flame:

I release and return the elements and powers back to their source for the good of all and harm to none.

So mote it be!

Once you feel the energy has departed, dissolve the elements by extinguishing the quarter candles, giving thanks to the elemental spirits for their attendance, and then "snap" your fingers over the candle three times each. Begin this at the North and move counterclockwise.

4. Extinguish all the candles, giving thanks to the God and Goddess for their blessings. Declare that the circle is dissolved.


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Copyright © 2001 Raven Grimassi