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Healing With Runes

Healing runes were known as Lim runes

Vikings used runes for healing and this tradition continues today. Those who study runes often carry them on visits to hospital or to the doctor, or in exam situations, just as students of crystals carry gemstones. Healing runes were known as Lim runes, and the symbols were carved into the southfacing bark or leaves of appropriate healing trees.

Below is a list of runes, together with the help they reputedly offer to various parts of the body. I have not personally tried runes for healing, but can see no reason why they should not be tried out by those wishing to do so. However, irrespective of whether you are using runes, crystals, herbs or whatever, please do not abandon medication prescribed to you by your doctor. All these forms of healing should be viewed as complementary rather than alternatives to orthodox medication. Seek proper medical help and use things like runes as a 'top-up'.

I suggest that you try meditating with the rune connected to the particular complaint. You might also try using the symbol of the rune in an item of jewellery which you carry with you permanently, to reinforce any healing.


This informative Wicca How-To, plus much more, can be found in:

Beginners Guide to Runes  

By Kristyna Arcarti

An introduction to the ancient practice of rune crypt as it applies in modern life. There are step-by-step instructions to using runes for health, career, love life and family life. Practice boxes allow readers to test their understanding and there are case studies of runes in action.

Copyright © 1999 Kristyna Arcati