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This is a loose incense designed to be burned on activated charcoal, which is found in most occult shops and Middle Eastern supermarkets. Be sure to burn in a heat-proof container such as a censer or dish with sand or earth in the bottom, placed on a trivet or other protective surface. As with all herbal products, it's best to make sure no one in your group is allergic to any of the ingredients prior to burning! While this recipe does not include toxic ingredients, sensitivities do happen.


● Rose petals (dried)

● Lavender (dried)

● Jasmine flowers (dried)

● Frankincense (powdered or whole)

● Honeysuckle flowers (dried)

● Lilly of the Valley (dried)

You can also add the essential oil of any of these herbs to add "oomph,' or if you cannot get a specific herb. You can also feel free to substitute local spring flowers.


● Mortar and pestle or strong ceramic bowl

● Censer

● Trivet

● Lighter or matches

● Activated charcoal

Starting with equal parts of each herb, mix the ingredients together lightly in your mortar or bowl. Envision your intentions and goals for the new spring infusing the herbs. When you feel as though your energy has infused the herbs, begin to grind them gently with your pestle. Stop and smell periodically, adding more of any herbs or oils to achieve the scent you want. If you are using whole frankincense, you may have to use extra pressure to crush the beads. You may grind as fine as you'd like, or leave the incense coarse.

When you have reached the consistency you want, you may either store the loose incense in baggies or jars, or burn immediately on activated charcoal. Use only a pinch at a time, as loading too much tends to snuff the charcoal.

Your final stage is to enjoy the incense.

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