Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Moon Madness

fun things to learn about Celtic traditions regarding changes in the face of Mother Moon

Here are some fun things to learn about Celtic traditions regarding changes in the face of Mother Moon. Remember this terminology: The waxing moon means it is getting bigger: while the waning moon gets smaller, going from a full moon back down to nothing or the dark of the moon.

New Moon

New Moon Means new beginnings. A good time for a formal healing spell to be cast, for positive results are assured. An excellent time for blessing new ventures, new relationships, new babies, or coming travel. The Celts believed that whatever weather accompanied the New Moon, that same weather would last all 28 days.

Half Moon

The Druid Moon. They believed the Moon-Betweenthe-Halves was fortunate, and that light was especially bright on the sixth night of the waxing moon, making this a most sacred time. Use this time for spells that need a surge of moon energy: healing for someone who has been depressed; or for positive changes to something that has been worrisome in the past.

Full Moon

A time of celebration. For maximum light, maximum gravitational pull, and most awesome presence, the full moon can’t be topped. A face can be detected in the full Mother Moon- As a child, I always thought She was puckering her lips and saying, “Oh, my.” Many dances, rituals and honors are paid to Her under Her full visage.

Dark of Moon

The time when no moon appears or does or doesn’t seem to. The Goddess is in the Otherworld. Lay low. Don’t start anything new. Use the time to reflect, re-consider, relax.

Obscured Moon

When the face of Mother Moon was covered by clouds, or misted over with a hazy light, the diviners were called in to decide what that meant to the Clan. Normally a cloud-covered full moon meant trouble was brewing, and the halo around the moon was called “greasy.” It meant rain or dangerous storms coming.

Waxing Moon

Because this is the time when the moon is going from new to full and growing brighter, it is a good time for any rituals or ceremonies where you want a spell that needs the energy of growth and expansion and fullness-such as the desire for a relationship to grow, a child’s health to improve, or a project to be comp

leted successfully.

Waning Moon

The time of the full moon is passing and Her glow diminishes. This is still a good time for spells that relate to a quieting down, a turning off of the attention or energy. For example, after a scandal, or some other wild and negative time, a person might want a little peace and calm. This is the perfect time to conjure the energy of serenity. It is also a great time to draw the strength of harmony for anyone.

Love Moons

The Celts believed that when a maiden first glanced at a new moon, she could make a love wish. If you turn away from the new moon and it appears over your left shoulder, the time is unlucky for love that night; over the right shoulder means it is fortunate for love that night; and if it straight behind it means you will enjoy good luck all month long.

Celtic Moon Names

There are 13 months in the Celtic calendar named for 13 different trees. Each month (from moon) was 28 days, plus the extra day left over that was set aside for the dead at Samhain on October 31. The 13 moons had their own names as well, based on the work to be done that month, or the particular homage due to the Goddess.

The Blood Moon, for example, is an ancient name that indicated the time when farm animals were slaughtered if there wasn’t enough grain to get them all through the long Winters. Later, the Danish Vikings taught the Celts how to grow and keep forage for the animals and the Blood Moon became largely symbolic. The Mead Moon was the month when the honey was gathered and the golden mead wine was prepared and set to barrels. The Oak Moon, at the darkest time of the year, reminded the tribes of the hope and spiritual renewal signified by the Oak tree. It is neat to be able to recognize and call your Mother Moon by her proper name, because it connects you to that spiritual time.


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