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Metals are universal; they relate to our entire being, they are within us and all around us. All your good quality jewelry is made from precious metals and stones; most of your furniture, the frame that holds your computer together and even the staples that bind this magazine are made from metal. Metals relate to ancient cultures, the distant past, the now, the future and cyberspace. They are part of the fabric of creation. They are held sacred in many cultures and societies, and they are the basis of Alchemy, each metal relates to a planet and a day of the week.

To begin with Gold, this metal relates to the Sun and Sunday. This is one of the most precious metals; it is virtually immune to the effects of air, water, and oxygen. Gold will not tarnish, rust or corrode. It purifies and energizes the physical body, attracts positive energy to the aura, helps tissue regeneration, improves your blood and breath circulation. It strengthens the nervous system, gives confidence, amplifies thought forms and attracts positive energy to the aura. It is not by accident that Kings and Queens wear crowns made from gold, as it amplifies the energies of the gemstones set within. It is a brilliant conductor of electrical energy; even the space shuttle uses gold connectors in its electrical circuitry.

Silver relates to the Moon. It purifies water, strengthens the blood, relieves stress and is also an excellent energy conductor. To the female lunar aspect, it improves speech, enhances thought, gives emotional balance and is good for circulation. It is very popular for jewelry and cutlery, and has been highly prized among many cultures for thousands of years.

Quicksilver is the metal of the planet Mercury. Quicksilver is the only metal that is liquid at ordinary temperatures and it is the heaviest liquid substance known. It is slightly volatile and is highly poisonous. It is used in thermometers, barometers and safety switches. When combined with any common metal it becomes an alloy, or amalgam. The combination of lead and mercury was once used to make the mercury amalgam in dental fillings.

Copper relates to Venus- the feminine aspect. It is a great conductor of energy and is used in electrical cables and in copper pipes for plumbing. This metal is excellent for circulation and the flow of blood. It raises self-esteem and helps detoxify the body. It dispels rheumatism, RSI and arthritis, often made into bracelets, it aids the metabolism and helps align the physical and emotional bodies. This supplies strong energy to the body and the mind.

Iron & Steel relates to Mars. Iron is the main component, and the main metal used for most steels, just about anywhere you look you will find this metal, cars, trains, bikes, ships, structural steel, furniture etc. Almost all man made products are held together with steel - nails, screws, nuts, bolts and welding. Iron and steel relate to the male energy.

In mythology Mars was associated with war, in modern terms he is also associated with industry. Tin & Pewter are the metals of the celestial giant Jupiter. When tin is combined with copper it becomes the alloy bronze or when combined with lead it becomes solder. It is also used as a protective coating i.e. tin plate / tin cans etc. Pewter is made from 95% tin. Around the 12th century pewter was only within the reach of the wealthy. Later its use spread into taverns and cottages. Pewter is easy to store and never wears out. It is often made into chalices, tankards and other drinking vessels, as it has a pure nature it is a popular gift at twenty- first celebrations.

Lead relates to Saturn. It is used for protecting against x-rays and radioactive material. From Roman times it has been used in the plumbing industry, mainly used as an alloy, in combination with other metals. Lead is highly poisonous and cannot be worn or ingested.

You may have noticed when reading about these metals, that each has its own Universal properties and like astrology with the planets, it’s own personality. The outer planets relate to powerful spiritual and atomic aspects and are only for advanced students on the pathway.

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Michael Lamb studied at the School of Inner Knowledge for 10 years, understands and teaches kabbalah and works with color and sound. He runs the Planet Radio show and Elemental Vibrations and has toured extensively for research. For more information visit:


The Magick of Metals

Metals relate to ancient cultures, the distant past, the now and the future

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