Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Oils made from the herbs and plants of the season can be used in other ways to attune you and your home to Mabon energies. These are wonderful alternative to commercial perfumes and tend to be less allergenic to those with chemical sensitivity. The other benefit to essential oils is that they hold the energies of the whole plant, unlike synthetic oils and perfumes.

These oils can be used in holiday potpourri to strengthen or add to the seasonal scents. We can also make use of the aromatherapy gadgets that have become so popular over the years. Most health-food and metaphysical stores now sell ceramic rings that fit over light bulbs. These are ideal for anointing with a small amount of essential oil, and are preferable to simply placing the oil on the bulb itself. As the light bulb heats the ring, the aroma is released into the room. There are also special dishes to hold the oil that are positioned in a special holder over a candle that is burned to create the same effect as the light bulb ring.

The Autumn Equinox is such a sensual and luxurious time. This is the time of rest before moving into the dark half of the year. We work with those energies as well when we pamper ourselves and delight in the joys of the season. Scent has been used for millennia to trigger memories and condition us to bypass the rational mind, allowing intuition and inspiration to spring forth. Experiment with different scents in your home or on your body and discover the benefits of aroma for yourself.


This Informative “Wicca How-To,” plus much more, can be found in:

Mabon: Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

by Kristin Madden

Autumn is the season of changing colours. At this time of equal day and night, we give thanks for the harvest that will sustain us through the dark winter months. This book explores the history, legends and traditions of the season that is honoured the world over.

Create your own Mabon tradition with the help of the book's many recipes, magical workings, equinox rituals, and crafts for all ages.

Using Essential Oils for Mabon

Essential oils can be used to attune you to Mabon energies

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