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Lunar and Solar Magick

Using the moon and the sun in your magick

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Moon (or Lunar) magick is magick that is associated with the moon. There is a belief common to many cultures that working rituals at the time of different phases of the moon can bring about physical or psychological change or transformation. These rituals have historically occurred on or around the full moon and to a lesser extent the new moon. Such practices are common amongst adherents of neopagan and witchcraft systems such as Wicca. Witches in Greek and Roman literature, particularly those from Thessaly, were regularly accused of "drawing down the moon" by use of a magic spell. The trick serves to demonstrate their powers to perform a love spell or to extract a magical juice from the moon.  These beliefs would seem to be consistent with many other cultures traditions, for instance; casting of the i ching is often done during the full moon's apex.

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