Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Looking for Love? … Moon craziness

Here’s a bit of a loony lover’s superstition from ancient times that you’ll probably want to take a pass on.

You need a dark night when the new moon is clear to carry it out (and a trans-Atlantic flight).

Some believed that when a maiden sees a new moon in the new year (night of October 31) she should take her stocking off one foot and run with one foot bare, over the meadows to the next stile. (Yikes! It’s almost Winter!) A stile is the stairway built against the stacked stone fences you see in England and Ireland. Stiles were there so that people could cross to the next farm, but the cattle couldn’t.

Once the maiden was at the top of the cold stairs of the stile, she must look between her bare big toe and the next toe, and there she should find a hair that will be the color of her unknown future husband’s hair. Then she had to walk home backwards and speak to no one the rest of the night.

Walking backwards, one bare foot, and it’s almost November--who could be that desperate? And what is hair doing up on top of the stone fence? Oh, and what color are the cattle in the field? Might that be a factor here? Anyway, I hope the wee maid didn’t come down with pneumonia and miss her wedding altogether.

Let’s pass on that one. Agreed?


Find this “Wicca How-To” and much more in:

Maiden Magick - A Teens Guide to Goddess Wisdom and Ritual

by C C Brondwin

Chock full of Goddess information, personal encouragement, and hip humor, this book speaks directly to the teen reader, embracing and honoring her as a true Spiritual Seeker drawn to the Goddess tradition and eager to learn to walk her path. Maiden Magick answers that often-voiced need from today's teens for a clear, step-by-step guidebook to Goddess spirituality and Celtic magick. Author C.C. Brondwin was raised by healers and mystics in the ancient Clan tradition, and she learned her craft as it was handed down from mother-to-daughter. She serves as the teen's personal Elder, or Celtic Clan Mother and delivers one-on-one instruction with compassion, respect, and a dash of playful humor for a teen embarking on the novice phase of her lifelong spiritual journey. The teen apprentice is encouraged to believe in herself and her own natural powers, and to walk the Goddess path with confidence.

Lunar Love Lore

Here’s a bit of lover’s superstition from ancient times

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