Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Magick and spell crafting have played a central role in people's lives since before recorded history.

The megalithic sites of Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England tell of a close relationship with the turning wheel of the year and movements of the Sun. The numerous roundbarrows scattered throughout Wessex and the incredible longbarrows speak of a culture strong in structure and rich in ceremony.

After so many years of suppression by the Christian church, the old ways are slowly returning to the land and peoples once again. More and more of us are drawn to discover the amazing "Pagan" customs and traditions nearly forgotten. We have such a wonderful, diverse culture to draw upon for learning about the old ways and to enable us to live, once again, with the... spirit of old.

Wiccan & Paganism “How To”

Magickal crafting & spell crafting

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Our Latest Featured “HOW TO” Articles

Crystal Gazing

Using Your Crystal Ball

Short Course in Scrying - Part 5

Short Course in Scrying - Part 4

Short Course in Scrying - Part 3

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Elemental Candle Colors

Use Crayons to Make Candles

General Candle Magick

Samhain Magick

Candle Superstition & Symbolism

Candle Magick:

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Make a Lavendar Besom

Create A Spirit Garden

Ghost Flowers

Gypsy Love Magick

Herbal Pouches

Herbal Magick:

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Crystal Properties

Crystals And Gemstones: Facts  and Tips

The Magick of Metals

Care & Feeding of Crystals

Gemstone Magick:

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Make Your Own Beltane Incense

Make Your Own Samhain Incense

Using Essential Oils for Mabon

Make Your Own Ostara Incense

Midsummer Incense You Can Make

Incense & Oils:

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Seasonal Brews

Mabon/Autumn Equinox Foods

Lughnasadh Foods

The Ritual of Eating

Samhain Foods

Kitchen Witchery:

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Drawing Down the Moon

Celtic Moon Lore

Standing Stones Full Moon Rite

Crescent Cake Recipe

New Moon Abundance Checks

Lunar Magick:

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Healing With Runes

Runes of Berkana & Dagaz

Making Your Own Runes

Casting the Runes

Consulting the Runes


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What The Tarot IS NOT!

Tarot Symbolism

Choosing a Tarot Deck

You Have Your Cards … What’s Next

The Tarot:

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Magical correspondence tables are like a witch's cheat sheet. They list energetic and metaphysical connections between objects, beings or concepts in a neat and precise at-a-glance way...

Magickal Tables:

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Spring Blessings

Eostre’s Eggs

Make a Money Pentacle

Witches Bottles For Protection

Make a Traditional Besom


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