Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Herbs provide us with an abundance of medicinal, as well as magickal substances. Most herbs are easily grown and cared for, because in reality they are weeds. Herbs will grow in the shade, in between rocks, thrive in sandy soil, and can go for long periods of time without water. Once planted, herbs return year after year and serve as a useful as well as decorative ground cover.

Along with their physical and medicinal qualities, herbs are filled with natural energy and power. Through ritual, Witches will focus and direct this energy toward a desired goal. Once magickally charged, the herb will then actively attract or repel incoming vibrations as designated. Because of their life force and energy, plants make wonderful psychic conductors, as well as powerful talismans.

Herbal Protection Pouch

Use this spell to protect your property or a loved one you may feel is in danger.

Items needed. One black candle, one small stone from a cemetery, black cloth pouch filled with a pinch of each of the following herbs and plants:

On the night of the dark moon go into the woods, and find a place where four paths cross (crossroads). Stand in the middle of the cross point of the path, visualize what it is you want to protect, and then chant the following nine times:

Power of herb, power of wood,

Power of stone, power of good,

Power of earth, power of tree,

From all this evil now be free.

When you have finished with the chant, dig a small hole and place the pouch in it, and cover with earth. Place the black candle on top of the spot where you buried the pouch.

Light the candle and repeat the chant nine more times.

Extinguish the candle.

Leave the pouch where it is for three days. At the end of that time return and retrieve the pouch.

Carry the pouch for protection or give it to someone in need.

All-Purpose Healing Amulet

Items Needed: Green cloth pouch, red cloth paint or marker, and a pinch of each of the following herbs:

Lay the pouch on a hard surface and smooth out all the wrinkles. Using the red cloth paint or marker, draw the “healing symbol” (at right) on the pouch.

When the paint is dry, fill the pouch with the herbs. Hold the pouch and visualize good health.

Carry the pouch with you during the day, and at night place it under your pillow.

Use the pouch until the affliction goes away.


This “Wicca How-To, plus much more, can be found in:

Witch's Master Grimoire by Lady Sabrina

  The Witch's Master Grimoire contains numerous spells and magical rites in an A-Z format that are simple and easy to follow. Many of them make use of the power of fire through the flame of a candle. Others rely on the subtle vibrations of herbs, plants, and minerals. Those that require special oils or incenses also provide the recipes for making them.

  Lady Sabrina also gives tips on the best and most productive times to cast spells. She recommends working with the phases of the moon, which can be found in The Old Farmers Almanac, or any good astrological calendar. The new moon should be used to begin projects, attract money, or regenerate friendships and health. During the full moon you should work on personal success, career, or love and marriage. Lastly, the waning moon phase is the perfect time to get rid of negative influences and bad situations.

Herbal Protection and Healing Pouches

Use these pouches to protect property, your loved ones & for healing

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