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Classification of The Runes

The Runes are classified into three groups

The runes were, and still are, created on small pieces of wood or stone on which the individual futhark is drawn or carved The Elder Futhark runes consist of 24 runes, which are classified into three groups of eight (aett) linked to the Norse Gods Freyr, Heimdallr and Tyr.

Freyr is associated with the first aett. He is the God of abundance; physical comforts and prosperity. He is said to have possessed a magical sword that could do battle under its own power. The runes in this aett are illustrated below.

Heimdallr is associated with protection and is the Protector of the Gods. He is said to possess the ringing horn which he would sound to warn the Gods of enemies. He is often referred to as the Shinning God of Light and is described as having gold teeth and riding a golden horse. He is known to bring gifts from the Gods to humans. The runes in this aett are illustrated below.

Tyr is the war God who is famed for his courage and bravery. He had his right hand bitten off by a ferocious fenrir (wolf). He is often referred to as the God of singlehanded combat. Here are the runes of this aett.

The relevance and interpretation of the classification are a source of great interest and debate amongst scholars of the runes, and once you have become familiar with them, you should take time to research this issue to gain a deeper understanding of the symbolic importance of the runes.

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