Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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Make a Poppet For Love

A Poppet is a specially prepared, cloth doll.

There is probably more interest in so-called "love philtres" and "potions" than in any other form of magick. The vast majority of these, however, belong in the realm of fiction. But there are rituals that do work. One of the best known and most effective is the one involving the use of "POPPETS". These Poppets represent the lovers. As with any sympathetic magick, what is done to the poppets is done to the lovers.

A Poppet is a specially prepared, cloth doll. It is a simple rough figure cut from two pieces of cloth (Figure 11.3). Whilst cutting the cloth, you should be concentrating on the person it represents. It may then be worked on further by embroidering it with the facial features; special characteristics (e.g. beard and moustache; long flowing hair). Even astrological signs of the person may be put on. If you are not too good at embroidery, then put these on with a magic-marker or pen. Now sew around the figure leaving just the top open (Figure 11.4). The figure should then be stuffed with appropriate herbs, again while the actual person is being concentrated upon. Such herbs as verbena, vervain, feverfew, artemesia, yarrow, valerian, motherwort, rosebuds, elder or damiana can be used. These are the herbs governed by Venus. The top may then be sewn up.

Two figures are prepared in this way; one representing the male and the other the female. All of this preparation, of course, should take place in the Circle, and can be done by the individual or by the whole coven. Since you are seeking your "ideal mate" then, as with candleburning (above), make the second figure with all the qualities that you seek. It is nameless but again can display physical desires (e.g. long blonde hair) and be made with all attributes in mind. Remember, this is strong magick. It is for a permanent relationship so do not use it just to obtain a partner for a brief affaire.

When ready lay the poppets on the altar, one at the left hand end of your sword, or athame, and one at the right hand end. They should be in front of the weapon. Also on the altar lay a piece of red ribbon, twenty-one inches in length.

Petitioner: "O mighty God and Goddess, Hear now my plea to you. My plea for true love for ...(Name)... and for her desire."

Petitioner takes up one of the Poppets and, dipping her fingers into the salted water, sprinkles it all over. She then passes it through the smoke of the incense, turning it so that all parts get well censed. While doing this she says:

Petitioner: "I name this Poppet ...(Petitioner's Name)... It is her in every way. As she lives, so lives this Poppet. Aught that I do to it, I do to her."

Petitioner replaces the Poppet and picks up the other one. Sprinkling and censing it, she says:

Petitioner: "This Poppet is her desired mate In every way. As he lives, so lives this Poppet. Aught that I do to it, I do to to him."

Petitioner replaces Poppet, then kneels before the altar with one hand resting lightly on each Poppet. With eyes closed, she pictures the two represented people slowly coining together, meeting, kissing and embracing.

As she does this—which should not be hurried—she should slowly move the two Poppets along the length of the sword towards one another until they eventually meet. At this point she may open her eyes, and holding the Poppets together, face to face, say:

Petitioner: "Thus may they be drawn One to the other, Strongly and truly. To be together always As One. No more shall they be separated; No more alone, But ever fast together As One."

The Poppets should now be laid together in the center of the altar, with the sword resting across on top of them. For the next ten minutes or so, the Petitioner (if Solitary) or the whole coven may start to dance around and work magick, in the usual way, directed to the end of bringing the two people together.

As an alternative, the Petitioner/Coven may simply sit in meditation and concentrate on seeing the two people together—happy, laughing, enjoying one another's company and obviously in love.

This ritual should be performed on a Friday, during the Waxing Moon, and repeated on the following two Fridays. If the calendar is such that it is impossible to get three Fridays in the waxing phase of the Moon, then do it on a Friday, Wednesday and Friday. Always aim to have the final Friday ritual as close to the Full Moon as possible. Between rituals, if the altar cannot be left set up with the two Poppets on it (lying under the sword), then they should be taken (kept together, face to face) and wrapped in a clean, white cloth and put somewhere where they will not be disturbed. On the final Friday, after the above ritual has been

performed, continue as follows:

Petitioner: "Now may the Lord and the Lady Bind these two together, As I do bind them here."

She takes up the Poppets and binds the red ribbon several times around the two, tying the ends together about them.

Petitioner: "Now are they forever one, Even as the Gods themselves. May each truly become a part of the other That separated, they would seem incomplete. So Mote It Be!"

The bound Poppets are placed beneath the sword again and left for a few moments while the Petitioner meditates (no dancing or chanting this time). After completion of the ritual, the Poppets should be wrapped in the clean, white cloth and kept carefully where they will never be unbound.


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