Wicca, Witchcraft and Paganism, for the Novice to the Crone

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What Is Wicca?

An Introduction to the “Old Religion”

The Charge of the Goddess | What Wicca IS | What Wicca is NOT |  Wicca vs Witchcraft  | Wicca FAQ | Beliefs of Wicca | The Laws of Wicca | The Wiccan Rede | Three-Fold Law | History of Wicca | Traditions of Wicca | What is Magick  |  Wicca Today  |  Living a Magickal Life

Next Wiccan Esbat/Sabbat: Lughnasa (Lughnasadh) (Lammas)

Featured Seasonal Articles

Wheel of the Year - Lughnasa | Wiccan Holidays - Lughnasa | The Standing Stones Lughnasa Ritual |  An All-Purpose Candle Spell  | Lughnasa Lore | Magickal Herb Lore - Lughnasa  |  Lughnasa Recipes  |   Make Your Own Lughnasadh Incense  |  Basic Candle Spell  |  Herbal Divination  |  Midsummer Customs - Stones

Magickal "How To"      **Our most popular subject**

Candle Magick | Divination & Fortune Telling | Herbal Magick & Healing | Gemstone & Metal Magick | Incense and Oils | Kitchen Witchery | Lunar & Solar Magick | Runes | Spell Crafts | The Tarot | The Tables of Magickal Correspondences

Our Book Of Shadows

American Wiccan Book of Shadows

Introductory Material | Circle Casting | The Rituals and Rites | Rites of Passage | Magickal Tools | Mythical Beings

Wiccan/Pagan Sabbats & Esbats

Samhain  |  Yule  |  Imbolc  |  Ostara  |  Beltane  |  Midsummer  |  Lughnasa  |  Mabon

Wiccan/Pagan Lore

Samhain Lore  |  Yule Lore | More Yule Lore | Imbolc Lore  |  Ostara Lore | Beltane Lore  | Midsummer Lore  |  Lughnassadh Lore | Mabon Lore | The Jack-O’-Lantern  |  The Lore of Costumes & Masks  |  Lunar Love Lore  

Wicca/Witchcraft Frequently Asked Questions - Straighforward Answers:

Are Wicca and Witchcraft the same thing?

Who do Witches worship?

How do Witches view Christianity?

Can I follow the path of Wicca and be a Christian too?

What form does the practice of Witchcraft take?

How do you see the Goddess and God?

These Questions and more, Answered Here . . .

The Wheel of the Year

The Death of Llew - A Seasonal Interpretation

A seasonal interpretation of the eight Wiccan Sabbats. The wheel of the year, from Yule to Samhain. The lore, history,  and celebrations of the Wiccan Holidays. These sabbats are a major part of the Wiccan religion.

In most Pagan cultures, the sun god is seen as split between two rival personalities: the god of light and his twin, his 'weird', his 'other self', the god of darkness. They are Gawain and the Green Knight, Gwyn and Gwythyr, Llew and Goronwy, Lugh and Balor, Balan and Balin, the Holly King and the Oak King, etc. Often they are depicted as fighting seasonal battles for the favor of their goddess/lover, such as Creiddylad or Blodeuwedd, who represents Nature.

Samhain  |  Yule  |  Imbolc  |  Ostara  |  Beltane  |  Midsummer  |  Lughnasdh  |  Mabon

Wheel Yule Wheel Imbolc Wheel Ostara Wheel Beltane Wheel Midsummer Wheel Lughnasadh Wheel Mabon Wheel Samhain

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